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How to disable Picasa Web Albums sync in Gallery and remove albums in Android?

Once you setup your phone to Google Account, you will probably notice that it automatically syncs your Google Picasa Web Albums with your gallery as well along with Google Calendar, Contacts, GMail etc.

Most people do not like Picasa synced with Gallery for various reasons...

Here is how to unsync and remove -

Watch this video....

or read on...

  • UNDER ACCOUNTS > Tap on the Google account
  • Choose what to sync > UN-CHECK Picasa Web Photos
  • Choose what to sync > UN-CHECK Picasa Web Photos
Now even after unsync, there are albums in Gallery that was there when the account got synced. they don't go away. You cannot delete them individually from Gallery.

How to remove:

  • Find GALLERY > tap
  • This will clear the cache data and the Picasa Web Albums

This was done on Gingerbread as well as JellyBeans. It should be the similar on other Android versions as well.

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  1. Thank you thank you thank you! Those first steps I found all over the web (turning off sync) but yours was the only page that explained you had to clear the cache afterwards!

  2. :-) Ohh are awesome....Only you gave me this correct way...THANKS A LOT..... :)

  3. This method just stops your images from displaying on your phone, but does not delete them from the cloud. If you were to reset the sync option to "on" again, they will reappear. To delete them permanently simply log into your Google Plus account online & delete them from there on the web. You can do this instead of going through the method as stated above on your phone. This way you can pick & choose which images to keep or delete and keep your sync option on.

    1. Well, in a way you are also right?

      But usually people keep more photos online than on the phone... So, syncing becomes unnecessary if there are photos online that we might not need on the phone. So I'd simpley unsync than delete my online photos....

      if there is selective sync online to allow only certain albums, that could work.

  4. Thanks for the post. Just what I needed :)


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